Building strategies based on deep experience

Get off on the right foot!

Everything we do is bespoke – because no two events are the same. That’s why everything begins with setting clear objectives: working out what great looks like for you and defining the metrics we’ll be judged against.

Long before you get wrapped up in the detail of delivery – and we’ll be there throughout to help with that – we can help you achieve clarity on your desired outcomes and we may even uncover opportunities you hadn’t thought of.

With ample experience of bringing rock-solid delivery to in-person, hybrid and remote-only events, we’re perfectly placed to ask the right questions to help you arrive at the most powerful and engaging, yet cost-effective answers.

Transforming passive viewers into active participants

It’s harder to connect with audiences through the window of a small screen!

So we’ll help you fully engage your remote audiences – in tandem with those present in person.

We have wide experience of all the leading technologies and mechanisms for remote engagement for you to explore:

  • Moderated or open text-based Q&A, seamlessly integrated into your event viewing page
  • Polling – with live results displayed to participants
  • Creating additional bespoke content targeted primarily at your online audience
  • Competitions, quizzes and online networking tools

Realising your event’s commercial potential

Perhaps the time is right to reassess?

Many events, whether in-person experiences, online only or a combination of the two, represent an opportunity to generate revenue. And being online, means the potential for a global audience of unlimited numbers.

We can provide you with the insight and technologies that can help you profit from your event through:

  • Setting up pay-to-view systems for your live or on-demand content
  • Providing opportunities for your sponsors to communicate with your audience
  • Creating discreet online spaces within your online event for your partners sponsors and exhibitors to make their pitch
  • Capturing data (subject to delegate opt-in) to enhance your sponsorship offer

Making the right technical choices

The technologies that support web broadcasting are becoming ever more sophisticated, affordable and accessible.

But that doesn’t mean that making the right choices is simple. And as with all live events, you only get one chance to get it right.

We constantly monitor the industry for the best technologies, so you don’t have to wrestle with jargon or get sidetracked by solutions which let you down. When it comes to technology, we’re a safe pair of hands.

Based on twenty years experience of online events, we have developed our own robust, comprehensive solutions for the two key components of a live, online event:

  1. The streaming video and audio technologies that capture and deliver your content
  2. Design and creation of the participant interface

Advising your team on presentation and content

Online events don’t have to be an add-on or second-best.

With experience of events of all sizes from small seminars to world congresses, we can help with:

  • Programme structure and design to ensure maximum engagement
  • Graphic design for visual cohesion and clarity of overall message
  • Multi-language events
  • Professional script writing
  • Speaker coaching
  • Selection and provision of professional hosts and guest speakers

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