Peace One Day – Insights

Jeremy Gilley

Just over a week ago we were privileged to sponsor the recording of Peace One Day Insights at the Grange City Hotel in London.

For those that aren’t aware of Peace One Day I urge you to visit the site and read and watch all about it. Then get involved! It is the most exciting and worthwhile ‘cause’ I have come across in recent years and is starting to gain real traction, as its visionary founder Jeremy Gilley (pictured) and his team of supporters and patrons work towards institutionalising a global day of non-aggression on the 21st September every year, so that it becomes as established in the world’s calendars as Mother’s Day. Having met Jeremy for the first time, I was supremely impressed and equally moved by his energy, enthusiasm and unwavering passion for a cause he began creating fully 12 years ago. This video tells you how it all began…

The Peace One Day Insights events are specifically targeted at SMEs. This is not surprising given that SMEs account for two-thirds of all employment globally and there are over 4.5 million of them in the UK alone. Jeremy together with President of the patrons programme Steve Bolton have identified this as the ideal target audience to help them build the groundswell of activity and engagement that is needed to make this a self-sustaining day in everyone’s calendar.

Aside form Mr Gilley’s energy and dedication, the thing that struck me having attended the event and later reviewing some of our recordings, was how much synergy there was between all the speakers and the cause the event is designed to support. Sounds obvious that it should be the case, but it shows great skill and sensitivity on the part of the person who researched and developed the day’s programme and also underlines the power of a truly worthwhile cause to draw in people who are naturally aligned with its objectives.

If you would like to see the recordings we have set them up on a Vimeo channel here. As an aside, I would be interested to hear your views on Vimeo as a viewer. It is the first time we have used it to create a channel. Seems to have some good attributes, although it is somehwhat annoying that you don’t have the freedom to instantly jump up and down the timeline as you do with our CDN hosted recordings. You have to wait for the file to download before you can jump to the end. That said; don’t jump to the end! All these recordings are all well worth watching.

Watch out for more news as BeThere Global becomes more involved with Peace One Day!