Saving money on foreign transactions


Occasionally when I come across a service which just seems to make perfect sense I feel the need to write about it.
When it also offers a way to spend less money on stuff you really don’t want to have to pay for at all, then I feel it is all the more important I share the good news!
CaxtonFX is the provider of one such service and I would like to point out at the outset that I have no connection, affiliation or any other commercial interest in them save for being a happy customer! I also realise this service is not unique, but it is the one I have happened across and works for me. CaxtonFX offer a number of services in the foreign transaction space, but the one I am particularly enamoured with is their online foreign currency payments product.
I have used this to pay a number of suppliers and partners in both the Eurozone and the USA with ease and it is certainly a tool we will be making more use off as our global conference recording and web broadcasting business continues to expand.
In a nutshell this service allows me to easily make foreign currency payments at any time I like at a better exchange rate than the bank offers and for NO additional fee. Compare that to the bank who charge me £17 every time I make such a transaction, which can rack up to a significant amount over time. I know some banks don’t even allow foreign currency payments without a lot of form filling. Not only that, with CaxtonFX I can access the payment system at any time I like; with my bank it has to be between 0830 and 1530 (UK time) Monday to Friday, which if you are dealing with a supplier in a different timezone can delay a payment considerably. The service is very simple to use and I make my payments using a debit card, but I think you can also do a bank transfer.

I got to hear about the service when I met Guy Richardson who is Corporate Sales Manager of Caxton FX at an Eventia evening last year. When he told about what they did I was sceptical and thought there had to be a catch – you know the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”, or that I wouldn’t be doing enough transactions to be able to access the service. But having used this service a number of times now there really doesn’t seem to be a catch at all. It really is an easy and convenient way for anyone who needs to make foreign currency payments to avoid spending money on stuff you don’t want to! Guy and his team made setting up the account quick and easy and were very available to answer questions the first couple of times I used it.
Thanks CaxtonFX!

Why web broadcasting is important

You have to be there!

Web broadcasting has changed the way we communicate with the world.

Now, pretty much anyone can reach an audience comparable in size to that achieved by the ‘old-school’ mainstream media. And the great thing is that there is hardly any sector of industry, field of expertise or area of interest that would not benefit from the highly effective and efficient communication that web broadcasting enables.
Not only that, now that it is affordable to associations or businesses of all sizes, web broadcasting is very democratic. Even individuals can join in!
Using web broadcasting, associations, businesses and individuals can compete equally for attention on this global stage.

By promoting web broadcasts via social media, significant audiences can be attracted at very low cost, with the side benefit of an enhanced online reputation and a higher profile and level of engagement. This can result in increased brand awareness and lead generation for companies and improved membership retention and recruitment for associations.
Of course, seminars, conferences and congresses provide ideal content for web broadcasting. But as well as this, training, induction and other internal and external communications projects may be broadcast to a ‘web only’ audience – often referred to as virtual events.

At this very moment, people could be watching your organization’s web broadcasts from virtually any place on earth. Take into account the affordable nature of the medium and the low cost of using social media to propagate your audience, and you can web broadcast your event to the world at a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing techniques like print advertsing.
Broadcasting your knowledge or expertise over the web is one of the most powerful tools that any organization has at its disposal. If you don’t want to be left behind, your organization should be taking advantage of web broadcasting; many already are.

At a different level, the momentum created by the wild popularity of digital media with groups and individuals of every race, colour, creed and persuasion participating, means that web broadcasting is becoming truly universal in reach. By helping to disseminate knowledge and foster mutual understanding and empathy among disparate groups of people around the globe, web broadcasting has the potential to be a significant force for good.